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Located in Manhattan, Sackman Enterprises, Inc. manages primarily residential properties, some commercial and a few industrial sites in the New York metropolitan area. Sackman has not only built on this legacy of restoring historic properties, but has directed its core business into developing new projects from the ground up for both residential and commercial use. In addition to projects in the greater New York metropolitan area, Sackman also develops and manages unique properties in the Carolinas, Colorado, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Parties interested in renting or purchasing Sackman properties, should visit the Keyah website, which includes general and property-specific contact information.

Parties interested in development and investment opportunities should contact:

Carter Sackman - President

phone: 212-595-5565 x618


For all other inquiries please contact the main office:
165 West 73rd Street Ph: 212.595.5565
New York, New York 10023 Fx: 212.595.5646


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